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 Effective Disinfection and Advantages with U.L.V



 Why Disinfect With U.LV.!

In the disinfection of the parts from ceiling to floor against bacteria and viruses in the ambient air, it has accepted and recommended that the world health organization (WHO) is the most successful device in the disinfection device application trials. Ulv device can disinfect the whole area from ceiling to floor by breaking the drug at 09.49 micron level by suspending the drug in the air for 4-8 hours. Disinfection applications eliminate the invisible creatures (microbes), thanks to the ability of the device to form aerosol fog (small drug particles).

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Disinfection Usage Areas with U.LV

    Health centers,

    Hospitals, mosques

    All areas at risk of infection,

    Common areas of public use,

    Shopping malls,

    Schools, dormitories, kindergartens, classrooms,

    Home and workplace environment,

    It can be used anywhere with human contact.

    Disinfection and vaccination in chicken farms

    Animal habitats barn stud farm


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